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ENG 102 - Applied Communications: Find Video

This course is designed to enhance writing and speaking skills for the workplace. Emphasis is placed on generating short writings such as job application documents, memoranda, and reports and developing interpersonal communication skills with employees.

Engaging Resumes

Engaging Resumes & Cover Letters: How to Hook the Job You Want

A resume is so much more than a list of skills, education and work history. With the cover letter, it is an integral part of making a good first impression. Hear job seekers and hiring managers discuss how they view and judge resumes and cover letters. Students learn how to make theirs stand out in a professional manner and how to present their skills creatively. Discover how to edit a resume and craft a cover letter for the specific job you're seeking.

Writing Essentials


Students who’ve had a hard time with term papers and essay questions may be shocked to learn how much their postgraduation world revolves around writing. This program shows how effective written communication is possible for anyone, even those who struggle to complete a simple fax or e-mail. Methods for improvement include gauging the needs of the reader, keeping prose short and simple, emphasizing benefits, avoiding jargon and overblown language, employing a confident yet respectful tone, and more. Viewable/printable discussion questions are available online.

Video Searching

Library Collections (DVD & Videotape):

Search our Card Catalog to find videos housed in the Library-IC collection.

Audiovisual Search:


Streaming Media

Streaming Videos and Music

The Library currently provides access to thousands of streaming films and songs through the following collections:

  • Kanopy (educational, documentary, and independent films)
  • Films on Demand (educational and documentary films)
  • Swank Digital Campus (feature films)
  • ICE Video Library (Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy)
  • NC LIVE Video Collection (PBS)
  • Music Online: Listening

These resources can be embedded in Blackboard for student access or streamed live in class.  

To find out more about these streaming video and music collections and browse titles, please click on the collection pages at the top. 

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