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Communications: Welcome

This course provides an overview of the basic concepts of communication and the skills necessary to communicate in various contexts. Emphasis is placed on communication theories and techniques used in interpersonal group, public, intercultural, and mass c

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Class Activity

Topics for Groups
In your group, choose a topic and find think of how you'd make it into a researchable subject for a speech. Choose your keywords and find a source from the Library and one from the web for your topic.
Help! I'm a student in debt.
I'm interested in recycling.
I like stuff about the Renaissance/mythology/ancient civilizations.
I'm interested in traveling.
I like watching/reading true life murder stories.
I want to know about new cell phone technology.
Help! I need a topic about psychology.
I'm concerned about climate change.
I like to listen to music when I study.
I enjoy being outdoors.
I'm concerned about the effects of social media.
I'm curious about space and space travel.
I love trying new foods.
I hang out with my dog on the weekends.
I'm interested in new gaming technology/virtual reality.
I love learning things from YouTube.
I enjoy playing sports.
I want to have a job helping people.
I'm really into repurposing things.
There's so many cool things about the beach/ocean.
I've always wanted to learn about a religion other than my own.
I love art.
I'm really interested in the weather.
There's a certain author/musician/actor that I really like.

Thinking About Your Topic

For your topic, you need to find researchable aspects. 

Be willing to broaden, narrow, or modify your topic.

Here are some suggestions on how to research your topic.

technology sustainability diversity in the field/population served
global issues climate change aging of the population/people in the field
harrassment/bullying/violence mental health

issues with fast growth or shortages in the field

ethics LGBTQ issues artificial intelligence

Other things to keep in mind:

Topic .   Points about Your Topic Sources          



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