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Use this form to request a librarian to teach a session for one of your classes. Classes can be focused on a specific skill (i.e. boolean searching, information literacy), a specific class, or a specific assignment.
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4. Will you be able to join your class? Library instruction is most effective when instructors are present. However, if for any reason you cannot join your class, please notify us. *
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8. Please describe the type of research assignment your class is working on in the box provided below. If you have a copy of the research assignment, please COPY & PASTE the ASSIGNMENT into the box below. Also include some SAMPLE TOPICS so we can demonstrate how to search these topics during the session. *
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Not Needed
10. If you are an ACA 115, ACA 122, ENG 111 or ENG 112 class, please check the appropriate orientation session. (You can skip # 11)
Library Orientation I (ENG 111) (Scavenger Hunt)
Library Orientation II (ENG 111) (Must schedule Orientation I first)
Library Orientation III (ENG 112)
ACA Orientation - Finding the Right Sources (ACA 115 and ACA 122)
11. If you are not an ACA 115, ACA 122, ENG 111 or ENG 112, please select the boxes next to each skill you would like us to cover. Minutes are a guideline, however please be sure not exceed your alloted instruction time. For detailed areas covered by each session please visit our information literacy guide .
Finding/Refining Your Topic (35 minutes)
How to Search using... (35 minutes)
How to Find Books (20 minutes)
How to Find E-Books (20 minutes)
How to find Articles (Multidisciplinary Databases) (25 minutes)
How to find Articles (Advanced-Subject Databases) (25 minutes)
How to find Images, Videos, etc.for presentations (30 minutes)
Google Searching(50 minutes)
Identify and Evaluate Resources (35 minutes)
Scholarly vs. Popular Publications (15 minutes)
Primary vs. Secondary (25 minutes)
Citations (50 minutes)
Plagiarism and Information Ethics (45 minutes)
Finding the Right Sources Workshop - ACA Classes (50 minutes)
Library Scavenger Hunt - GED & DRE 098 (50 minutes)
12. Any Additional Comments or Instructions: