Faculty Feedback

1. Librarian *
Almeyda, Brenda
Clark, Norman
Hunter, Tim
McBride, Dwight
Shores, Lisa
Robb, Laurie
Walker, Jenny
2. Instruction Date: *
3. Faculty Name:
4. Course Prefix/Name:
5. The librarian was effective, well organized, and gave a clear presentation.
6. The librarian’s instructional materials were designed and used effectively.
7. The librarian made it clear how database searching relates to course assignments(s).
8. The librarian demonstrated the importance and relevance of the material covered.
9. The students’ reactions to the instruction session were positive.
10. Considering the material covered, the instruction session was:
11. Was the library instruction session too remedial or too advanced?
12. Would you recommend a library instruction session to your colleagues?
13. What were the librarian’s major strengths?
14. What could be done to improve library instruction?
15. How can RCCC LRC/IC better promote its instructional services to faculty?