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Covid-19 Guide: New England Journal of Medicine


New England Journal of MedicineCovid-19

A collection of articles, interviews, and other resources on the Covid-19 pandemic.


To help you provide trustworthy resources to your patrons, we have created this reference web page containing links to all freely available Covid-19 content from the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Journal Watch, NEJM Resident 360, and NEJM Catalyst. In addition to access to original research and other relevant articles, you will also find links to education resources, NEJM multimedia, and teaching resources as well as online journal club discussions hosted every two weeks by NEJM Resident 360, a benefit of your institution subscription.

For educational institutions forced to shift from in-person to online courses, we encourage you to use our Covid-19 related materials and other NEJM Group content with your students. Our content is available for your educational purposes (but not commercial resale) as needed to support your students online during the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes the use of our articles and videos with your students through a computer or a course management system.

Please email us at with questions regarding your site license features.

NEJM Journal Club

Join residents and faculty from other internal medicine programs as they engage with authors about a recent NEJM research article. Past discussion hosts include University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Tyler, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, and University of Vermont. If you are interested in hosting an online journal club, please contact

Remote Access


NEJM remote access

Institution Remote Access for NEJM and NEJM CATALYST: Users must initially create or sign in to their free personal account while logged into your institution’s network, enabling site license access rights to sync automatically with their personal account for 90 days. Click here for resources to help your patrons activate their remote access.

Educational Resources

The CASE CHALLENGE feature provides the case description from an upcoming Case Record of the MGH — but without the diagnosis. Users vote on the patient’s diagnosis and choose which diagnostic test(s) to order. The correct diagnosis and a full description of the case are published soon after.

Clinical Problem Solving follows top clinicians as they are presented with data in stages to simulate a clinical setting. They make recommendations and decisions based on the information provided and share their reasoning.


NEJM has a selection of Videos in Clinical Medicine freely available on You can find the complete list of relevant procedural training videos here on the resource web page. You will also see links to a nasal swab training video as well as a video about putting on and removing PPE.

NEJM Catalyst


NEJM Catalyst is frequently publishing a collection of articles, interviews, and other resources on the Covid-19 pandemic on a dedicated webpage Covid-19.

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