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Research Guides Best Practices: Welcome

Research Guides Best Practices


best practices

Best Practices for Building Research Guides



 example of tab names for a libguide

  • short names                                     
  • one row of tabs
  • don't use hyphens

Friendly Url: unique id#

  • Example:  https:\\
  • After:

Page Url 

  • Example: page url:

Reuse boxes, pages, & links that are static

Link research guides to learning management system

Database Lists 

  • limit to 7 or less
  • not in alphabetical order

Writing for the Web


Writing for the Web (Georgia)

  • Readers skim
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Font size and type
  • Use san serif (plain) or serif fonts (fancy)
  • Use bold, italics and colors sparingly
  • Headings / Page Breaks / Container Boxes

How do you write for the web?

  • Start sentences with action words
  • Use informal language, contractions, & pronouns
  • Refrain from underlining
  • Avoid using all caps
  • Eliminate terms like click here
   Chunking Information


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