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Google Search : Google Book Search

Google Book Search

Google Book Search

Basics of Google Search

Google Book Search

  • Google Book Search is a service offered from Google that searches full text of books that Google scans and stores into its digital database. Google Books was formerly known as Google Print when it was first introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2004.
  • The books stored in Google's database are from two sources: publishers and libraries.
  • You are also able to download PDF files of entire books if they are out of copyright (usually this refers to books published prior to 1923) or if the publisher has decided to allow PDF downloading.
  • Google Book Search has also combined with several magazine publishers to digitize their archives, such as Life Magazine, New York Magazine, Ebony, and Popular Science.

The Numbers on Google Books

  • On October 28, 2008, Google stated that they had over 7 million books which are able to be searched for through Google Book Search; this also includes books scanned by over 20,000 publishing affiliates. 
  • On October 9, 2009 Google announced that the number of scanned books entered into the database now totals at over 10 million.

Google Book Search

Pros & Cons


  • An excellent way to discover information concealed in a book.
  • Search the full text of books and download a PDF or learn where to borrow or purchase at a later date if needed.
  • Search by using phrases, keywords, or characters that will not appear in an online catalog.


  • Issues concerning digitization which is often inconsistent at best.
  • Search options allow for more in-depth searching.
  • There is no way to sort or filter given results.
  • Information that is found on publications is often inaccurate.

Noted Features

Use "Search in this Book" to narrow down or focus your search.

Find it in a Library.  Google Books links to WorldCat where one can search by zip code to locate a copy of a book in the nearest library.

   Note:  WorldCat is a catalog that lists books and more held by thousands of libraries across the United States and locations abroad. 

Use 'advanced search' for more searching options (date limits, language options, author, and title searches).

"About this book" includes basic information such as title of book, author, publication date, length and subject. Often times there are books with additional information like key terms and phrases, references to the book from scholarly publications or other books, chapter titles, and also an entire bibliography of related material.

Embeds and links - this toolbar allows you to embed a preview of a full view or partner book any website or blog of your choosing.

Contents drop-down menu - directly above the book itself, you'll find a Contents drop-down which allows you to move to several chapters in the book.

Clip icon allows for the highlighting of text within a book.