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Anthropology: Welcome

Guide to sources on Anthropology

4 Branches of Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of what makes us human.

The field is commonly divided into four more specific areas of study: 

Cultural / Social - Comparative study of cultures around the world

Biological / Physical - Comparative study of human attributes, past and present

Linguistic - Study of spoken language and how it influences social life

Archaeology - Comparative study of past cultures through their material remains


Each of these areas can be further divided into very specific focuses. Read more about the history and types of anthropology on the National Geographic page, History and Branches of Anthropology 

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Cite Personal Experience

Our Voices: A Guide to Citing Personal Experience and Interviews in Research

These guidelines explain and provide examples of how to cite personal experience, and the
proper structure of the citation, adapted from Chicago, APA, and MLA citation formats. This
guide also provides information about how to cite personal interviews/conversations, including
the importance of obtaining consent from the person you are interviewing


Citing Interviews in APA
Interviewee Last name, FI., interviewed by FI. Last name of interviewer(Year, Month date). Interview type [email communication, phone, personal interview].
Example: López, A. interviewed by E. Willard(2014, July 29). Personal interview.


Citing Interviews in MLA

Structure: Last Name of Interviewee, First Name M., interviewed by FI. Last name of interviewer. Type of Interview [Personal Interview, Phone Interview, Skype Interview, etc.]. Date.
Example: Henderson, Allison interviewed by E. Willard. Personal interview. 24 July 2014.

History of Archaeology


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