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Let the Rowan-Cabarrus Library help you navigate the world of books. Want to read the latest thought-provoking non-fiction book? How about a light-hearted fiction book? Either way, the Library has you covered.

Check out the library's LGBTQ+ research guide for more resources!


The Meaning of Juneteenth as a National Independence Day - SBU News

This month we also celebrate Juneteenth, America's second independence day. 

While the Emancipation Proclamation took effect in January 1863, many enslaved people in Texas were not informed and life continued as it had before until Union troops arrived on June 19, 1865.

Check out the Library's African-American History Guide for more resources as well as:

LGBTQ+ Reads

Gender Queer front cover. Person standing in water looking at reelection of another version of themselves
We Deserve Monuments
All Boys Aren't Blue Book Cover: Black individual with short hair and a crown of flowers.
Heartstopper cover
This Book is Gay book cover    rainbow covered stripes with the title written one word per stripe.
Lucky Red
Beyond Magenta book cover:   Teenager in a pink button up, black bow tie, and jeans standing in front of a off white backdrop.
Tink and Wendy
Love is Love Cover image: Many people marching behind a lead individual carrying a pride flag.

Books about the Black American Experience

color purple
book cover the other black girl
1619 Project
african American Poetry
All American Boys
Cover from Black Voices from Reconstruction
Cover of the Harlem Shuffle
Sweetness of Water
All Boys Aren't Blue
Cover of Love Songs of WEB DuBois
Civil Rights Movement
Stamped from the Beginning
On Juneteenth
Carolina Built

Pride! of the Community

logo for Gateway Pride

Streaming Video for June Observances

Pride Kanopy

Kanopy Juneteenth


Turning Pages

Join the Turning Pages Media Club on Wednesday, June 7, at noon for a virtual discussion of transgender issues after we watch the following TED Talks.

How I Help Transgender Teens Become Who They Want to Be
Why I Must Come Out

Email Laurie Robb at for the Zoom link to join this informative discussion.

Salisbury Pride Logo

Salisbury Pride

Join us at Bell Tower Green on Saturday, June 24, 2023 for the 11th annual Salisbury Pride Festival from 11 am - 5 pm!

Charlotte Black Pride Logo

Charlotte Black Pride's Juneteenth Cookout

06/17/23 1-4PM
Complimentary BBQ & Refreshments with vegan options while supplies last! Raffle Giveaways! 
Veteran's Park 2136 Central Avenue Charlotte NC 28205

9 of the most iconic and inclusive Pride flags explained

LGBTQ is an umbrella term for many different identities, and there are over 30 pride flags for each of the individual communities!

How Many Flags Can You Identify?


Dogwood Digital Library - Previously Overdrive

Logo of Dogwood Digital Library

RCCC DEI Committee