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Death Penalty: Welcome

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Death Penalty

Welcome to the Death Penalty Research Guide. Here you can find resources from the Library and the web to assist you with research and class assignments.

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Questions related to the Death Penalty

Accusers with have mental disabilities • Does the death penalty deter crimes? • Why was the death penalty created? •  History of Crimes Against Children • Can the death penalty be justified? • Death Penalty justice or murder? • Does the Death Penalty Defer Crimes?

All Sides. com -Topics and Issues

Research Topics: 

Wrongful Convictions • Assisted Suicide • Prison and Corrections Issues • Economic Costs of the Death Penalty •  Lethal Injection Mishaps/ Botched Executions


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Strategies / Techniques for Handling Hot Topics

hot topicsConducting academic research on hot topics can be tricky.

Make sure you:

  • choose your sources carefully (avoid misinformation) and understand the author's intentions and/or bias.
  • stick to the facts and logic in your own argument or discussion
  • recognize the emotional aspect of dealing with controversial topics

For more information, visit the Media Literacy Research Guide.

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