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Medical Ethics: Web Resources

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Evaluating Websites

Learn to employ a series of techniques and questions to determine if a website is to be trusted or not.


5 W's for Evaluating Web Resources


This infographic illustrates the questions you may need to ask yourself in order to determine if a web resource can be a trusted source.5 W's for Evaluating Web Resources


Who - ►Authority?   

Who is the author?

Are they an expert in this field? 

 Is a biography of the author included?

Does the author list references?


What - ►Reliability?

Is the information supported by evidence?

Can you find this information by other sources?

When? -  ►Currency?

How recently was the information published?

Is this site updated and how often?


Where does the information come from?

Is it a reputable site- .org .edu .gov?

Where can I find out more about the sponsors?

Why? - ►Purpose/ Point of View?

Why was it written?

Is there a bias to try to sway opinion?

Is the author selling something?

Medical Ethics

symbol for medical with the four basic principles of medical ethics

How to Evaluate Websites