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Streaming Video and Music: Films on Demand

Streaming Video

Films on Demand

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Films on Demand provides access to thousands of quality films that can be embedded into BlackBoard for seamless access by students both on campus and remotely. The Library provides titles in a variety of fields, including Humanities, Social Sciences, Nursing, Career & Technical. 

Films on Demand

Films On Demand is a streaming video platform that makes it easier than ever to incorporate outstanding educational programs into Blackboard.  

The Rowan-Cabarrus Library provides access to the Humanities and Social Sciences, Nursing and Career and Technical Collections containing thousands of quality films. 

This collection has both clips and full-length films. All full-length titles are already conveniently divided into short segments making it easy for faculty to use in class or embed in Blackboard.

The Flu That Killed 50 Million

Instructions for Embedding Films on Demand Video in BlackBoard

Updated 5/11/2020

 To embed a film in BlackBoard for students to access on campus or remotely, follow these simple steps. 

To insert Films on Demand films into Blackboard

  • Click on Embed link underneath the viewing window of the film you want to use
  • Copy the LTI Link (when using the copy button, check to make sure it actually picked up the correct link; if it doesn't click on the URL window and use Ctrl C to copy the link)
  • Open Blackboard and go to Build Content
  • Choose Web Link
  • Type a title in the Name field and insert the LTI Link in the URL field
  • Add instructions or description in the text box (this is a good place to remind students to use their RCCC credentials when accessing library resources remotely)
  • Click Submit

That's it! 

My Custom Segments

In addition to the existing segments, it is possible to create custom segments with just a few clicks.Click on the link below for more information. 

My Custom Segments​

Interactive Transcripts

Interactive Transcripts are now available for many videos in the Video Platform. Interactive Transcripts allow you to view the full text of the video, search within the full text, or click on any word in the transcript to jump to that exact point in the video.

Using the Advanced Search, you may locate all titles that have interactive transcripts.  Simply select the video content type and the following advanced filter will appear:  Show only programs that have interactive transcripts.  Check this box to show only results that have a transcript available.


How interactive transcripts work:

On the View Video page, if a title has an Interactive Transcript available, the Transcript tab will display in the box to the right of the video player.

Click the play button on the player, or one of the Segment links, and the video will begin to play back as normal.

Click on the Transcript tab to view the interactive transcript. The current point within the transcript will be indicated by the highlighted portion of text, and will progress in real time.

To jump to a different section of the video, simply click on a word within the transcript and the video will jump to that point. You can also jump back/ahead using the status bar on top of the transcript module, or within the player itself.

Advanced features, such as keyword search, print transcript and auto-scroll toggling, are also available within the Transcript tab.

Sample of Films on Demand Producers

A & E

American Museum of National History


Cambridge Educational

Cengage Learning

Conscious Business Institute

Films for the Humanities & Sciences

First Run Features


History in Education


Ideas Roadshow

Intelecom Learning

Meridian Education Corporation

Modern Marvels

National Geographic

NEVCO Healthcare Education


Scientific American


The Green Interview

Wide Angle

Wolters Kluwer

Years of Living Dangerously