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Grammar Guides - ENG002: Adjectives and Adverbs

This guide is to help students with common grammar problems.


  brown bear

This is a big, scary, fuzzy, brown bear.

Adjectives describe nouns. 

Adjectives- give more detail to a noun and usually in front of the noun.

Ex: The cloudy sky looked like it might rain.

      I saw a brown bear walking along the river.

Adjectives can also follow a linking verb

Ex: The church was white.

      Joe was serious.

     I felt terrible today.




The dirt bike riders started the race quickly.

Adverbs answer the following questions: how, when, where, and why.

Adverbs modify verbs.

  • My dog barks loudly

Many adverbs end in -ly.

Adverbs also modify adjectives and other adverbs.

  • This test is extremely difficult.

Adverbs also answer when, where, why.

  • Ron likes to get up early

Early is the adverb that describes when. 

  • We all came back here to rest.

Here is the adverb that describes where.

  • The JROTC practiced daily to learn the routine.

To learn the routine is the adverbial infinitive phrase.