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ENG 241 - British Literature I: Welcome

This course covers selected works in British literature from its beginnings to the Romantic Period. Emphasis is placed on historical background, cultural context, and literary analysis of selected prose, poetry, and drama.

WElcome to the ENG241 Brit Lit guide

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British Literature

English 241 investigates British Literature from its origins until 1750. This span includes the following periods:

  • Old English Period (450-1066) - One of the most well-known eighth century Old English pieces of literature is Beowulf , a great Germanic epic poem. Two poets of the Old English Period who wrote on biblical and religious themes were Caedmon and Cynewulf.
  • Middle English Period (1066-1500) - The most widely known of these writings are Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, the anonymous Sir GawaiPortrait of Shakespearen and the Green Knight, and Thomas Malory's Morte d'Arthur.
  • The Renaissance (1500-1660) - Some important writers of the age include William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Edmund Spenser, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Ben Jonson.
  •  The Neoclassical (1660-1785) - Some important writers of the age include John Milton, John Dryden, John Locke, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, and Daniel Defoe. 

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Salem Press ebooks for Literature - Critical Approaches

Salem Press ebooks for Literature - Critical Insights: Themes

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Old English Translators

Old English, sometimes known as Anglo Saxon, is a precursor of the Modern English language. It was spoken between the 5th and 12th century in areas of what is now England and Southern Scotland. 

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