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ESL-English as a Second Language: Web Resources

Free ESL classes are for adults whose native language is not English. Instruction is offered in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Courses are provided on campus, in the community and in workplace settings.

Test Preparation

Test Preparation

Podcast: ESL Pod

What is ESL Podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that you download or stream from the Internet. After you download it or while streaming, you can listen to it on your computer, smart phone, or on an MP3/portable music player (for example, an iPod or iRiver). You can subscribe to a podcast so that it is delivered to you automatically each day, just like a newspaper.

The purpose of English as a Second Language Podcast is to teach English by using everyday phrases and expressions spoken at a slow rate of speech, followed by explanations of what these expressions mean and how to use them. Learners access the lessons for free on the website or via a piece of podcast/RSS feed software such as iTunes.

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Daily Grammar

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Practice your grammar with this fun blog!

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Recommended Web Resources

Word of the day

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Expand your vocabulary one day at a time with Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day.

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ESL YouTube Channels