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ENG 111 - Writing and Inquiry: Careers in Criminal Justice

This course is designed to develop the ability to produce clear writing in a variety of genres and formats using a recursive process. Emphasis includes inquiry, analysis, effective use of rhetorical strategies, thesis development, audience awareness, and

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Career EBooks

Careers in Criminal Justice - Videos

Job opportunities in criminal justice are on the rise. This program looks at a number of different occupations, ranging from entry-level positions to those requiring a four-year degree. Experts and people on the job share firsthand information about what their work is like. Some of the occupations discussed include local and state police officers, detectives, correctional officers, bodyguards, FBI agents, probation and parole officers, private investigators, and special government agents. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

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Law Enforcement Test Preparation

logo for the Testing and Education Reference CenterA career in law enforcement can be an exciting, rewarding experience for those who can meet the challenge. Qualifications for employment vary by career and agency, whether local, state, or federal. For many law enforcement careers, applicants usually take written, oral, psychological, and physical examinations. Employment is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2018.

Many states have their own specific exams/qualifications for certification, so check with your particular state for additional information.

Check out the Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC) Law Enforcement Practice Tests.


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Ferguson's Career Guidance Center - Career interviews



Example of how to cite an interview from Ferguson's in APA style:

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Occupational Outlook Handbook

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