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HIS 132 - American History II: American History 2 Project

This course is a survey of American history from the Civil War era to the present. Topics include industrialization, immigration, the Great Depression, the major American wars, the Cold War, and social conflict.

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Vietnam War: Tet Offensive/My Lai

Picture of soldiers crossing river in Vietnam

Photography and Media in Vietnam War and its Effects

Books from the Library

Useful links to Databases

Iraq/Afghanistan War--Key Events

The Bin Ladens (1995-2000)

Selma/Montegomery March

Interviews with King, Washington, and DuBois


Picture of Civil Rights riot

Picture from Seeing Through Race : A Reinterpretation of Civil Rights Photography (ebook, check below in column on right)

Women's Rights -- Historical perspective and what remains to be accomplished

WOMEN'S rights -- United States

EQUAL rights amendments -- United States

Iran Hostage Crisis, 1979-1981


PIcture of Iranians burning American flag

End of Cold War/Breakup of the USSR and its effect on the US

Films from Films on Demand

Women in the Space Program

Iran Contra Scandal, 1985-1990


Recommended Websites