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HIS 132 - American History II: Gilded Age/Robber Barons

This course is a survey of American history from the Civil War era to the present. Topics include industrialization, immigration, the Great Depression, the major American wars, the Cold War, and social conflict.

Gilded Age Industrialists Robber Barons

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Robber Baron Mock Trial

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Robber Baron: "the name given nineteenth-century industrial and financial tycoons who gained wealth and status by exploiting workers, governmental practices, and the environment. They further increased their earnings by eradicating competition, which allowed them to control prices of both output and labor. "

 - Definition taken from the Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History

The following are databases that are suggested for this assignment.

Below are some example of resources you have access to through the library that relate to Cornelius Vanderbilt. 

eLibrary Resources

Primary Sources (Speeches, newspaper articles from the time studied, etc.)

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Streaming Video from the Library

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Students have access to multiple streaming media platforms through the library. 

Over the next few tabs you will find some of the the videos available to you that relate to the Robber Barons.