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HIS 132 - American History II: World War 2 Resources

This course is a survey of American history from the Civil War era to the present. Topics include industrialization, immigration, the Great Depression, the major American wars, the Cold War, and social conflict.

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The Second World War lasted from 1939-1945. 


Over the next few tabs you will find suggested databases, and resources that might be useful to you as you do research on WWII for your American History Assignments. 

Where to find Primary Documents about World War 2

Primary Documents about World War 2 from Infobase American History

Buffalo Soldiers 1945

National Museum of WW2

picture of soldiers from National WW2 Museum

eBooks about WW2

Other Related Research Guides

Where can I find some primary sources online?

National Archives Logo

Search the National Archives for collections of documents that are important to American History.


Picture of the Library of CongressLibrary of congress logo

  • Historic Newspapers - Enhanced access to America's historic newspapers through the Chronicling America project.
  • Historic Sound Recordings - The National Jukebox features over 10,000 78rpm disc sides
  • Prints and Photographs - Catalog of about half of the Library's pictorial holdings with over 1 million digital images.
  • Veterans History Project - Experience first-person stories of wartime service through personal artifacts, audio and video interviews.

B29 Superfortress Video

screenshot of FOD b29 superfortress